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Simply by Suzy's Photography Course for Parents (DSLR/mirrorless/iPhone camera)


Learn how to finally start taking beautiful photos of your family and have fun together while doing it. For all those moments, big and small, when you can't have a pro photographer with you. 


Hi, I'm Suzy! And I've been photographing families professionally for over 12 years. Now, with my online Photography Course for Parents, I help parents like you learn how to take beautiful photos of their family and how to make when the camera comes out something that's fun and special for everyone (yes, even your kids! Even your partner!). Because now that I'm a mom, I understand more than ever how many of our greatest moments will happen with our family outside of a professional photoshoot, or when a pro just simply isn't around.


And I know what you're thinking. 

But Suzy, I don't have time! 


Well, lucky for you I'm a mom and so I know that I don't have much time to go to the bathroom by myself let alone learn something new. So I created this course in a way that's quick and easy to do and you can start putting your new skills to use like, now. In fact, all you need to start taking better pictures of your family is to watch just one of the course videos and in 11 minutes you'll be set. 



But Suzy, I'm not creative! 

If you've made it this far, I'm going to share with you a photo and a mini story proving to you that ANYONE can be a good photographer, with zero experience.

When my first daughter was about 5 months old, I went to a friend's place to visit and have lunch. After I was done she said, "Here let me take pictures of you!" And motioned for my camera. I used to always brush people off in their attempts to take photos of me because I felt like eh, they're not a pro. What's the point? But I said sure, mostly still thinking what's the point. I set my camera settings and showed her a two second how-to focus my camera. It was an old $300 junk camera with an even older lens that was difficult to focus because it was half broken. But even just setting the exposure settings correctly, my friend with zero photography experience was able to take this beautiful picture (and more) of my daughter and I. Looking at it I am always reminded that so many people dismiss the opportunity to learn how to photograph their kids because it seems too hard or too much time but really, photography is so much simpler than people perceive it to be or even how many people teach it. Just knowing how to set your camera settings right and actually making the effort to take the picture. That's it! 



This course is NOT a traditional class with a set beginning and end date. It is structured as an online series of videos that you will have forever access to, and can go through from the comfort of your own home and on your own time 


This course is for you if: 

  • You are about to welcome a new baby and are unable to have a photographer at the hospital with you or at home but want to take beautiful photos of those first few days and weeks with your little one (and continue to as they get older)
  • You have a loved one who is about to have a new baby and want to give them a gift that will last a lifetime 
  • You are a parent who wants to finally start learning how to use your DSLR, mirrorless camera and/or your iPhone camera to take great pictures of your family
  • Your partner loves loves loves photography and you want to give them the gift of learning how to take their picture with your children. 
  • You want to learn how to make photography fun and enjoyable for everyone in your family, and how to get your kids to actually cooperate for pictures


What you'll get:

  • Forever access to online course videos.
  • Instructional videos on the basics of photography and lighting
  • Learn how to photograph your own kids and how to get them to cooperate for photos with videos of Suzy photographing her children at the hospital after birth, newborn photos at home and the Art of Photographing a Toddler. 
  • Learn how to connect more deeply with your family and how to get your children and your partner to actually WANT to be in pictures
  • Learn how to master your DSLR/mirrorless camera and understand how to get bright pictures and blurry backgrounds just like the pros do!
  • Understand the basics of lighting and how to set up and anticipate moments with your children from birth through the toddler years
  • Learn the basics of editing your photos, how to back them up and how to print them and create new traditions for your family to enjoy your photos together 
  • Be part of a private Facebook Group where you can share your work and connect with other parents who love photography, and get feedback about your photography progress


What real parents are saying about the course! 


"I gifted this [course] to my husband as his "push present" after our daughter was born on New Years Day! He always had an eye for photography and this is just the perfect gift for him and our family."


"I've had my camera for over 10 years and am finally shooting in manual. I so appreciate you putting the info out there. I feel like I'm finally able to capture our family occasions the way I had always hoped I would. Thank you! (also, I feel the most important lesson was making photography fun - I was totally the scary monster mom/wife with the camera)." 


"As a new mom and fellow photographer, being a part of this course has been so rewarding. Thank you! This has been such a gift to our family." 


"A girl I met at my mom + baby workout just texted me saying she also bought your course. We're going to do some shoots together [she's going to photograph me with my son and vice versa] because we live super close to each other!"